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Caring for Yourself as a Caregiver

Caregivers Give to Themselves First

It’s one of those occupations where the primary task is to take care of others, and that’s where the focus remains. But what about the caregivers? If you’ve ever been on a plane, the flight attendants remind us from the pamphlet that in case of an emergency where the air pressure drops and the oxygen masks fall from the airplane ceiling, you put yours on first. You of course know why, because you are no use to helping anyone put theirs on if you are losing consciousness from lack of oxygen. The same idea with home care givers applies. If the caregiver gets sick, angry, frustrated, overwhelmed, tired or even burned out, everyone suffers… they’re almost useless. That’s why is so important that caregivers take extra good care of themselves.


Empathy or Compassion?

The issue caregivers face is that when they’re in the presence of suffering, sometimes they feel it too! The question is, is it empathy or compassion? Maybe you should determine that for yourself but if it isn’t compassion, consider opening your heart. In order to remain in the presence of suffering without being overwhelmed we need to be emotionally stable — approach the situation with an open heart and positive vibes for the person being cared for and yourself.
Considering the subject, one might ask, could that cause nursing home abuse widely talked about without doing this? Forbes talks about the Dark Side of Caregiving, but let’s stay on the light side. If you can’t care for a loved one yourself, don’t feel bad, not all of us were cut out for it! You can find many worthy companies to help you along this journey though. Granny Nannies, for one, has many locations and is a reputable company that assists in elder care including Alzheimer’s disease.

For good tips and tricks for self care, check out the book written by Pat Samples, Diane Larsen, and Marvin Larsen called Self-Care for Caregivers: A Twelve Step Approach.

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Turn Your College Life Into A Fun Experience With Sports And Music

College life is not just about studies but a host of activities that can help the mind and the body. Sports are not just fun; it reinforces personal characteristics and self-discipline. College life without sports is unthinkable. Sports can improve your professional life and can teach you the art of facing competition with an open mind. At times, college sports can be both an embarrassment and glory.

In college sports can translates into the corporate. Understanding the role of an organization becomes easier with sports. Moreover games like soccer, martial arts, cricket can enhance the emotional quotient. All games teach you how to react to real life situations. Colleges feel the importance of sports and this has given rise to more coaches in universities who draw salaries more than a professor.

Fun in college does not stop with sports but other beyond academic activities like music, cooking, philanthropy, social service and clubs can make life enjoyable in the campus. Bringing out the creativity in every student can help develop the overall personality of an individual. At Peter Symonds, music department encourages young musicians to develop a career in music.

The department is run by the Hampshire Specialist Music Course. The department provides opportunities to students by organizing musical events to promote the musical talent of the students. There is lunchtime recital during college festivals that are popular. Events and festivals make college life fun and entertaining. This can take away the stress of studies and keep you relaxed.

Comments: There is no doubt that college life can be fun with the right dose of sports and music to add colour.

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A College Dorm Room Can Make A Difference

College takes your educational experience to a whole new level. It makes a big difference in the life of an individual. Education at college can turn out to be intense and accustoming to such situations is essential. This may be the first experience for many kids staying away from parents. For many it means freedom. This leaves them with a whole lot of challenges to face and decisions to take. Dorms can be defined as giant hostels in the campus facilitating access to the college campus. Dorm rooms can be shared by 2 or number of people. In most cases, bathrooms are attached and in some there is a common restroom for a floor.

A dorm room can offer a social experience. It is here you find friends that go with you for the rest of your life. Students who stay outside miss the dorm room experience. A huge group of friends gather here that is unlikely to be seen outside. Staying on the campus with access to professors, library, labs and university resources can give you an edge over day scholars.

A dorm room can give you rich experience that you may not get elsewhere. Dorm rooms can inculcate discipline in an individual. You dorm room can turn into a fun abode if you have all the right things in place. Accepting roommates and given them their space and maintaining your privacy can be the success of any dorm room experience. Moreover, dorm rooms are a place for pranks, and there is no end to the fun.

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College Festivals Give Relief From Academic Stress

Games can make college festivals fun. There are unending games to choose from, and this can be simple or elaborate. College fests can be classified into technical and non-technical events. Freedom and friends can make the difference at college fest. A college festival is colourful with food, games, music, band performance, charity and competition.

At a college fest, there is one for everyone. There is no limit of fun you can have at a college festival. Festivals can give the much-needed break for the students from the routine academic life. So bid goodbye for books for some time and have fun. There is no end to the food items available at the college fest. Many food joints are available at college events that can tingle your taste buds.

College festivals are not complete without competitions and dance, and singing competitions are fun. There can be many types of dance varieties ranging from classical, contemporary, hip hop and more. Competitions among colleges can give tough competitions when compared to intra-college affairs. Big prize money also may be announced depending on the popularity of the college and sponsors.

Instrumental and vocal competitions are also conducted that gives room for fun and some good music. Other events that are normally popular include mono-acting, gymnastics, drama, poetry recital, jokes and more. College festivals create an opportunity to meet new friends. Some colleges organise night events with a performance from prominent bands and DJ nights. With excitement in the air, this can be nothing short of a thrill.

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Enrich Your College Life With Activities

College is not just about intellectual growth but overall development. Activities help a student strategize, plan and work as a team. Moreover it is a road to self-discovery, leadership and confidence. College activities can help shed fear and get over apprehensions. It paves the way for eliminating risks through experimentation.

Human development is possible through a group, and this challenge can be achieved through group activities. The outdoor activities can strengthen the group by learning to follow instructions and solve problems mentally. Participants in the group activities can learn to deal with challenges that can lead to potential success. A great sense of trust is incorporated into the students by taking part in community activities.

Moreover, outdoor activities can be fun. It can help achieve social and cultural goals. Awareness programs, annual days, charity shows, community development, etc. cam develop a sense of integrity towards the society. Students and teachers work in coordination for the betterment of the community. Cleaning activities, building a greener environment are some of the efforts that can be taken to build responsible citizens of tomorrow. Value education develops the inner self by creating selfless individuals that care for the society.

Participating in activities like workshops, seminars, symposiums can develop today’s students into leaders of tomorrow. Maximize your learning experience by attending different developmental programs. Renowned speakers and distinguished guest lecturers can help build knowledge in a non-academic environment. For students that are bored with a regular classroom session, outdoor activities can make a difference and indulge them into the academic process.

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